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Brochures – First-hand information.

Our catalogs are available in a variety of languages.

Here you can download all the latest catalogs and brochures in the languages German and English.

If you would rather have a printed version of the catalog, please send a request via the catalog request form to us.


  • HAIMER Highlights

    POWER CLAMP i4.0, VIO linear TOOLSHRINK, Cool Flash, Safe-Lock™, Duo-Lock™,...

    PDF // 8.86 M
  • High Precision Collet Chucks

    The High Precision Collet Chuck is the collet chuck for the highest machining capacity in high-speed manufacturing.

    PDF // 3.33 M
  • Tool Holders

    Shrink Fit Chuck, Collet Chuck, Weldon tool holder,...

    PDF // 14.53 M
  • Basic Line

    Basic Line - Reduced to the essentials

    PDF // 3.04 M
  • Tooling Technology

    Power Mill, Basic Mill, Duo-Lock™, Safe-Lock™

    PDF // 13.46 M
  • Basic Mill

    PDF // 1.72 M
  • Shrinking Technology Power Clamp i4.0

    Shrinking technology Industry 4.0-ready

    PDF // 2.86 M
  • Shrink Fit Technology Power Clamp

    Shrink fit machine, coil technology, accessories,...

    PDF // 5.33 M
  • Balancing Technology Tool Dynamic

    Modular balancing system, balancing adapter, balancing rings,...

    PDF // 6.94 M
  • HAIMER Microset Presetting Technology

    HAIMER Microset Tool Presetters UNO smart, UNO premium, UNO autofocus, UNO automatic drive, VIO basic, VIO linear, VIO linear toolshrink

    PDF // 6.81 M
  • Tool Holders HSK A63/80

    Tool Holders HSK A63/80 (TAPER 63 mm/FLANGE 80 mm)

    PDF // 2.17 M
  • HAIMER-Quality in perfection (German, English, French, Italian)

    Evolution of Shrink Fit Technology and Collet Chuck Technology,...

    PDF // 5.85 M
  • HAIMER-Quality in perfection (Thai, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian)

    Evolution of Shrink Fit Technology and Collet Chuck Technology,...

    PDF // 3.58 M
  • Shrink Fit Collets

    Shrink Fit Technology: Shrink Fit Collets ER

    PDF // 466 K
  • Grinding Wheel Adapters

    for tool grinding machines from Deckel, Rollomatic, Vollmer,...

    PDF // 9.23 M
  • Sensors

    3D-Sensors and Centering devices

    PDF // 2.29 M
  • Tool Management

    Presetting logistic system

    PDF // 5.60 M
  • HAIMER Demovan

    Targeted advice at your business location

    PDF // 1.84 M
  • Accessories

    Shrinking extentions, reduction sleeves, collets,...

    PDF // 4.40 M
  • Makino Tool Holders

    Tool holders for HSK-F80 /HSK-A125 Makino interface

    PDF // 1.59 M
  • MAZAK HSK-A63/80MZ Tool holders

    HAIMER MAZAK HSK-A63/80MZ Tool holders

    PDF // 2.18 M
  • i4.0 Info-Flyer

    HAIMER i4.0 modular Tool & Data Management

    PDF // 1.05 M
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