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Annual maintenance and preparation of your quality audits, personalized training of your machine operators and immediate solution of technical issues. HAIMER CARE offers everything you need in order to maintain tool management and tool presetters in perfect condition, so you can concentrate fully on your machining processes.

We offer you:

MAINTENANCE – Always be sure that your HAIMER machines are working properly to avoid unexpected failures. The extensive HAIMER CARE  maintenance program offers the perfect solution for every need, from flexible individual solutions to long-term full coverage with attractive options. Read more.

INSTALLATION - Benefit from the full potential of your HAIMER machines from day one. Our HAIMER CARE specialists take care of installing, calibrating and connecting your machines. Also, your employees will be thoroughly trained on their future tasks. Read more.

TRAINING – The CARE training service offers the right amount of training for both beginners and professionals. Your employees will be prepared for handling your HAIMER machines, thus eliminating any potential errors. Through specially developed programs and workshops, we transform your employees into experts in tool management. Read more.

INDIVIDUAL SERVICE & REPAIRS – Rely on excellent and efficient service for all challenges. Whether it’s repairing, relocating or any other service around your machine, our CARE technicians are at your disposal, all around the world, regardless of the problem. Read more.

CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE – Prepare your company for the ISO certification. The CARE calibration certificates for your HAIMER Microset and Tool Dynamic machines undoubtedly confirm their perfect condition. Every maintenance check and installation is traceable to the respective technician and the calibration equipment used which is important information for the certification of your HAIMER machine. Read more.

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