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Solid carbide end mills

Power HAIMER Mill solid carbide end mills

Solid carbide end mill Power HAIMER Mill Uni Z4 F1004NNL Radius

With the Power HAIMER Mill end mill series, HAIMER can provide its tool holders with a universal solid end milling range for the universal use in different materials.

All Power HAIMER Mill end mills are fine balanced and by default equipped with the known Safe-Lock™ pull-out protection from 6 mm shank diameter onwards. The Power HAIMER Mill series is based on a pure high performance solid carbide combined with the most modern coating technology.

The different innovative precision geometries are now available as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 flute cutters in different cutting lengths. Furthermore, different cutting edge designs (sharp, chamfer, radius, angle) can be selected depending on the workpiece requirements. In addition, a roughing geometry based on the new cord profile for machines with less power and applications with difficult chip removal, is available.

HAIMER Mill solid carbide end mill

End mill HAIMER Mill Z2 F2004NNH

HAIMER Mill solid carbide end mills are reduced to the basics in terms of product characteristics. Therefore they offer a cost effective alternative compared to our Power HAIMER Mill solid carbide end mills, while ensuring the same HAIMER quality. HAIMER Mill solid carbide end mills can be used in almost all materials, especially for roughing and finishing.


  • Shank tolerance: h6
  • Neck for higher cutting depth
  • Center cutting
  • Runout < 10 μm
  • With straight shank, Safe-Lock™ or Weldon shank

Here you can download the product range for tooling technology as a PDF:

  • Tooling Technology

    Power Mill, Basic Mill, Duo-Lock™, Safe-Lock™

    PDF // 13.46 M
  • Basic Mill

    PDF // 1.72 M
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