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Duo-Lock™ - Modular milling of the next generation

Advanced materials require advanced manufacturing.

The continuing development of high-strength, lightweight materials such as titanium alloys, Inconel, and new aluminum alloys are eagerly sought by manufacturers in many industries, including aerospace and defense, energy, and transportation. These new materials present significant machining challenges in themselves. Add the competitive pressures in these global industries, and finding advanced manufacturing solutions becomes a top priority.

Duo-Lock™ - Pioneering technology Virtually unbreakable.

Milling, Cutting Tool Heads, Monoblock holders

For the first time, a modular milling system can achieve the similar high performance of the latest generation solid carbide end mills. To deliver groundbreaking joint technology, Duo-Lock™ combines the innovative histories of two leaders in the world of manufacturing—HAIMER and Kennametal..

Duo-Lock™ (Duo-λock®; D-λ®) maximizes a carbide tool’s full potential with productivity gains in both roughing and finishing. It provides high load capacity and rigidity when machining at high metal removal rates. When combined with high-performance cutting tools, Duo-Lock™ provides more than double the metal removal rate in common milling applications.

The Duo-Lock™ technology - the interface for milling heads and more

The Duo-Lock™ technology addresses the issue of the increasing cost of carbide by delivering a modular interface for cutting tool heads. Duo-Lock™ provides maximum stability and load capacity through a proprietary thread design with a double cone bond. The results are unmatched precision and productivity, with a connection that is virtually unbreakable in the most demanding applications.

Duo-Lock™ milling head provides maximum stability and load capacity through a proprietary thread design with a double cone bond
  • Superior rigidity of the interface that allows for unique d.o.c. capability of up to 1.5xD and 1xD in full slotting.
  • Geometric parameters of the connection have been optimized and thoroughly tested leading to the most robust modular system ever developed.
  • FEA based design ensures that stress levels in the interface remain below critical values even at elevated loads.
  • The double cone surfaces combined with the third contact area in the back delivers high stiffness and accuracy.

Duo-Lock™ cutting tool heads

Duo-Lock™ cutting tool head, HAIMER milling heads

A variety of the newest milling geometries have become available with the new HAIMER Duo-Lock™ system. The high-precision and extremely stable Duo-Lock™ interface allows the use of the full potential of the milling geometries and at the same time achieves the maximum cutting depths through the milling head. The cutting tool heads can be changed directly in the machine tool with highest repeatability in the Z-axis; therefore tool measurement is not always necessary.

With the additionally available Duo-Lock™ blanks in different length versions you can realize individual milling geometries for special applications.

Duo-Lock™ Collet

Duo-Lock™ Collet

The Duo-Lock collets are perfectly suited for clamping Duo-Lock tools in all established ER collet chucks, driven units and spindles with ER interface.

  • Useable for Duo-Lock milling heads from DL10 – DL25
  • Compatible with all established ER systems
  • Optional with Cool-Jet 3 or 6 drillings
  • Reduced set-up times due to fast and precise tool changes
  • No need for repeated length adjustments due to the very precise length repeatability with only +/- 10 μm
  • Process-safe and easy handling

Duo-Lock™ Extensions

Duo-Lock™ - Extensions

With the new shaft extensions from the Duo-Lock™ series, a universal solution for almost all processing cases is at your disposal:

  • The cost-effective way to process special solutions
  • Universally applicable due to the different tapered geometries and lengths
  • With Safe-Lock™ anti-pullout interface to take advantage of long reach and aggressive cuts.
  • High runout accuracy

Duo-Lock™ Monoblock holders

Duo-Lock™ Monoblock holders

With the Monoblock holders, the famous HAIMER tool holder quality combined with the new Duo-Lock™ technology is available. Duo-Lock™ Monoblock holder for direct clamping of the milling head

  • Perfectly suitable for milling with short overhang.
  • Smoother running thanks to vibration absorbing geometry, therefore better surface quality and protection of tools, spindles and machines
  • Increased machining capacity due to higher spindle speeds, higher feed
  • Shorter processing times, higher machining accuracy, high clamping force
  • High runout accuracy
  • High rigidity

Duo-Lock™ Die and Mold Chuck

Duo-Lock™ Die and Mold Chuck

The famous HAIMER tool holder quality combined with the new Duo-Lock™ technology is available with the Die and Mold chucks. Duo-Lock™ Die and Mold for direct clamping of the milling head.

  • With inner coolant bore
  • Stable 3° slant for perfect milling on inclined forms
  • Including carbide core for vibration-damped milling with long overhang lenghts

Product video Duo-Lock™

Discover more about the Duo-Lock™ system and the cutting edge productivity increases when compared to competing systems in full slotting and side milling operations.

Here you can download the product range for Duo-Lock™ as a PDF:

  • Duo-Lock™

    Milling heads, blanks, Extensions, Monoblock holders

    PDF // 13.46 M
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