HSK-E32 Collet Chuck Power Collet Chuck

Certificate of Quality

  • Chuck body fine balanced G2.5 at 25.000 rpm or U < 1 gmm
  • All functional surfaces fine machined
  • Taper tolerance AT3

Power Collet Chuck
DIN 69893-5 · HSK-E32

For clamping tools with cylindrical shank in HAIMER Power Collets and ER collets according to ISO 15488.

The Power Collet Chuck is the collet chuck for the highest machining capacity in high-speed manufacturing. The optimized design with better construction combines high rigidity with vibration dampening features, giving more protection to machines, spindles and tools.
The universal Power Collet Chuck is a unique high performance chuck that can also be used with standard collets.

  • High runout accuracy: 0.003 mm at 3 × D with Haimer Power Collets
  • Also for standard collets ER according to ISO 15488 (formerly DIN 6499)
  • High rigidity
  • Smoother running thanks to vibration absorbing geometry, therefore better

surface quality and protection of tools, spindles and machines

  • Increased machining capacity due to higher spindle speeds, higher feed

rates and larger cutting depths

  • Shorter processing times, higher machining accuracy, high clamping force
  • Equally suited to high-speed manufacturing and heavy milling
  • Optional: With Safe-Lock™ Power Collets from ER 25
  • Optional: Cool Jet bores on Power Collets from ER 25 Ø 6 mm

Technical data subjects to change without prior notice.

Features Power Collet Chuck

The most important features:

  • 1. Low tendency towards vibrations by rigid shank
  • 2. High-precision Power Collet with stabilisation and concentration trough pilot of collet
  • 3. Fine balanced Power Collet ER nut
  • 4. in High-precision Power Collet (optional)
  • 5. High runout accuracy(< 0,003 mm)
Safe-Lock™ for Power Collet Chucks

Safe-Lock™ pull out protection

  • High-precision Power Collets with stabilisation and concentration trough pilot of collet
  • High torque due to form closed clamping
  • No pull out and no spinning ot the tool
  • Groove on tool shank is directed so that the tool will be pulled into the chuck (depending on direction of rotation)
  • Safe-Lock™ starting at ER 25
Cool Jet for Power Collet Chucks

Cool Jet for Power Collets (optional)

  • Optimized coolant bores, aimed at center in der Spannzange
  • Coolant directly to the cutting edge
  • Extended tool life up to 100%
  • Higher reliability of cutting process
  • No more balls of chips on tool

Technical drawing

HSK-E32 Collet Chuck Power Collet Chuck Technical Drawing

Please select your clamping diameter:

Version ER 16
Ø D [mm]28
Clamping range [mm]2,0 - 10,0
L [mm]32
Order No. Gage length A in mm    
E32.025.16.3 HSK-E32 Power Collet Chuck Pictogram
ultra short, 50.00 mm
Version ER 25
Ø D [mm]42
Clamping range [mm]2,0 - 16,0
L [mm]39
Order No. Gage length A in mm    
E32.025.25.3 HSK-E32 Power Collet Chuck Pictogram
ultra short, 60.00 mm
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