Shrink Fit Machine Air Cooler

Main features

  • Regardless cooling of their outside contours with air nozzles and drizzle

Air Cooler - Air cooling for shrink fit chucks

With the Air Cooler shrink fit chucks can be cooled regardless of their outside contours.

  • Additional device for all shrink fit machines
  • Cooling by air nozzels and drizzle
  • Supplementing existing cooling systems
  • Simple alternative for cooling regardless of contour
  • Safe and clean cooling
  • Cooling in 2 modes, cooling time approx. 1 min. (Mode 1)

Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

Technical data

Mains voltage 230 Volt/50 Hz
Maximum length of shrink fit chuck [mm]300
Dimensions [mm]400 x 790 x 1250
Weight [kg]50
Maximum diameter of shrink fit chuck [mm]32
Compressed air6 bar
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