Shrink fit devices Power Clamp: Basic Line/Profi Line/ Premium Line

By our three stage product line of shrink fit machines, HAIMER has the right shrink fit technology for any need. The spectrum of machines ranges from the beginner model, Power Clamp Basic, to the high-end device Power Clamp Premium Plus.

Use the world’s largest range of products of shrink fit machines and coils.

Power Clamp Basic Line: Concentrating on the basics

Power Clamp Basic Line: Concentrating on the basics

The Basic Line is the economical entrance into inductive shrink fit technology. the power electronics enables problem free shrinking. The mechanical construction of the equipment has, on the other hand, been kept deliberately simple and functional. there are just single chuck solutions.

The Basic Line is ideal for the price-conscious user, who only wants to shrink a few tools on a daily basis.

For micro machining purpose the special horizontal shrink fit unit Power Clamp Nano is part of the program- It combines perfectly easy tool handling of small diameters and fast tool exchange.

Power Clamp Profi Line: Modular All-rounder

Power Clamp Profi Line: Modular All-rounder

The Profi Line offers the full range of performance and is unbeatable in efficiency. High performance coils, contact cooling and rotary table guarantee simultaneous shrinking and cooling in record time. No wishes remain unfulfilled.

The machines of the Profi Line work both the standard coils and the intelligent and comfortable NG coils. Of course, the equipment recognizes each coil and chooses the correct shrink fit parameters automatically.

The shrink fir units of the Profi Line form a modular system. The start-up machine Power Clamp Economic can gradually be upgraded to the high-end unit Power Clamp Comfort NG.

Power Clamp Premium Line: Perfection in detail

Power Clamp Premium Line: Perfection in detail

The Premium Line is the series for highest demands.

The shrink fit machines of this line are perfectly suitable for users relying on this clamping technology due to its various advantages and accordingly having many shrink fit jobs a day.

The idea of fixed cooling stations equipped with guided cooling bodies of different diameter simplifies the handling of these high-end machines.

The aspect of service and safety is considered intensively for the Premium Line, too, as the cool-down process is terminated temperature controlled automatically.

The Power Clamp Premium series is a modular system and the machines are to be configured up on request.

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