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The Power Clamp Advantages

The six most important reasons for HAIMER shrinking technology:

1. For  solid carbide and HSS tools

  • Flexible coil technology for tools from Ø 3 mm up to 50 mm
Shrinking and cooling in record time

2. Shrinking and cooling in record time

  • Tool change at the touch of a button
  • Water-cooled cooling bodies
  • Concentrated cooling efficiency due to contact cooling
  • Even cooling: No material deformation

3. Universal shrinking technology with flexible modular system:

  • Suitable for all applications
  • Also for extremely long tools
No heating of the taper

4. Handling adapted to workshop practices

  • Optimum protection against burning
  • Hot parts need not be taken into the hand
  • No heating of the taper
  • No heating of the tool
  • Easy handling
minimal heating low energy consumption

5. Minimal heating due to manual operation

  • Long life of the chuck
  • Short cooling rate
  • Low energy consumption due to precisely metered energy supply
shrinking: short cooling rate

6. Short amortisation period

  • With a high time savings per shrink operation, a short payback periode can be achieved
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