Measuring Instrument 3D-Sensor Zero Master

Main features

  • Exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece
  • Smallest unit of measure of 0,01 mm
  • Replaceable probes for maximum flexibility
  • IP 67 waterproof

3D-Sensor Zero Master

The Zero Master is the smallest 3D-Sensor worldwide. Usage, function and accuracy are equal to the Universal 3D-Sensor. The size of the Zero Master is adapted to small machines.

The diameter of the clamping shank is 10 mm. Thus it can be also used on machines with ISO 30 or small HSK spindles. The housing is shortened and does not protrude far out of the spindle so even big work pieces can be measured. The Zero Master can be read with a small analog dial gauge.

The Sensor is waterproof according to IP 67.

Please take note: The given measuring precision of 0.01 mm only applies if the original HAIMER probe tips are used.

Included in delivery: Zero Master with clamping shank Ø 10 mm, short probe tip Ø 4 mm

Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

Probe tips

Probe tips

The sensors can be equipped with a short (ball Ø 4 mm) and a long (ball Ø 8 mm) probe tip. The probe tips may be changed without any tool, no re-calibration of the unit is needed.
The probe tips of course are compatible to all HAIMER 3D-Sensors.

Technical drawing

Measuring Instrument 3D-Sensor Zero Master Technical Drawing

Technical Data

L1 [mm] 96
L2 [mm]24.8
Ø D1 [mm]10
Ø D2 [mm]4
B [mm]49
Smallest unit of measure [mm]0,01
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