HAIMER grinding wheel adapters

Grinding wheel adapter with grinding wheels

To achieve superior grinding results and to make your grinding process more efficent, several factors play a decisive role: Besides a precise spindle interface and the use of fine-balanced grinding wheels, the right grinding wheel adapter is of great importance.


HAIMER grinding wheel adapters are manufactured just like all HAIMER tool holders - according to the highest quality standards and are characterized by the following features:

  • Fine machined functional surfaces guarantee maximum precision at the spindle interface
  • More accurate than DIN
  • Body with balancing threads: Correction of the unbalance via balancing screws, even when using spacers without balancing threads
  • Balanced

HAIMER offers grinding wheel adapters for the following tool grinding machines:

  • Deckel
  • UWS (Reinecker)
  • Rollomatic
  • Walter
  • Saacke
  • Schütte
  • Vollmer

Here you can download the complete product range of HAIMER grinding wheel adapters as a PDF

  • Grinding Wheel Adapters

    for tool grinding machines from Deckel, Rollomatic, Vollmer,...

    PDF // 9.7 M
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