Balancing machine Tool Dynamic TD Comfort

Main features

  • Measuring and compensation of unbalance on 1 and 2 planes
  • Correction of the unbalance by radial drilling, milling, balancing rings or balancing screws
  • Comfortable handling via TFT-screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Base made polymer concrete for highest measuring accuracy

Tool Dynamic TD Comfort
Balancing Machine

Balancing machine to balance tool holders on 1 and 2 planes.

If you want to balance frequently and keep the balancing time as short as possible, you should decide on the Tool Dynamic TD Comfort machine. It’s equipped with a PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor. The big screen enables you a fast input of tool data and all the comfort of a graphical user interface. In addition, the software of the machine offers the possibility to correct the unbalance with the help of a milling program what is very common in practice to correct the unbalance.

Picture shows special equipment: Safety hood type 3 for tools with lenghts up to 700 mm.

Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

Tool Dynamic balancing adapter

HAIMER balancing adapter with automatic clamping

  • μm precise clamping for highest measuring accuracy and repeatability
  • Easy and quickest changing due to compact design. A re-calibration of the machine is not neccessary
  • Tool Dynamic  - Base made of polymer concrete
    Base made of polymer concrete
    Order no. -
    Highest measuring accuracy due to heavy base
  • Tool Dynamic  - User interface
    User interface
    Order no. -
    Integrated user interface for easy handling of the machine
  • Tool Dynamic  - Optical indexing help
    Optical indexing help
    Order no. -
    Indication of the exact spindle angle position on display
  • Tool Dynamic  - Laser marking
    Laser marking
    Order no. -
    Indicates the position of unbalance and correction with a laser
  • Tool Dynamic  - Print label
    Print label
    Order no. -
    Print balancing result on label
  • Tool Dynamic  - Drilling radial
    Drilling radial
    Order no. -
    Balancing by drilling radially
  • Tool Dynamic  - Software for compensation with balancing rings
    Software for compensation with balancing rings
    Order no. -
    Balancing by rings or other movable weights
  • Tool Dynamic  - Index balancing
    Index balancing
    Order no. -
    Compensation of measuring errors by index balancing (2 measuring runs, indexing angle 180°)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing with spindle compensation
    Balancing with spindle compensation
    Order no. -
    Quick and precise measuring of repetition parts (single measuring run)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing in 1 plane
    Balancing in 1 plane
    Order no. -
    Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 1 plane (static)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing in 2 planes
    Balancing in 2 planes
    Order no. 80.252.01
    Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 2 planes (dynamic unbalance)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Fixed components
    Fixed components
    Order no. 80.202.00
    Enables balancing at predefined positions, e. g. with balancing screws
  • Tool Dynamic  - Automatic indexing
    Automatic indexing
    Order no. 80.217.00
    Turn the spindle on the selected angle position and simplifies exact positioning of spindle
  • Tool Dynamic  - Rack for accessories
    Rack for accessories
    Order no. 80.277.00
    Storage rack with two integrated drawers for balancing adapters and further accessories
  • Tool Dynamic  - Milling program
    Milling program
    Order no. 80.212.00
    Milling program allows correction of unbalance via milling
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing software TDC 4.0
    Balancing software TDC 4.0
    Order no. 80.245.06
    New software with user-friendly graphical interface and touchscreen-control
  • Tool Dynamic  - Screen holder
    Screen holder
    Order no. 80.228.02
    Comfortable tray to place PC-screen and keyboard
  • Tool Dynamic  - TFT screen
    TFT screen
    Order no. 80.229.02
    Comfortable usage via keyboard, mouse). Only together with Balancing software TDC 4.0
  • Tool Dynamic  - Languages for user interface for internal display
    Order no. -
    Languages for user interface for internal display
Equipment options
  • Tool Dynamic  - Printer desk
    Printer desk
    Order no.
    Optional desk for printer (Requires screen holder)
  • Tool Dynamic  - PC holder
    PC holder
    Order no.
    Optional holder for external PC (Requires screen holders)
  • Tool Dynamic - Support arm for tool scales
    Support arm for tool scales
    Order no.
    Optional desk for tool scale
  • Tool Dynamic  - Control terminal incl. touchscreen
    Control terminal incl. touchscreen
    Order no. 80.233.00
    Console for storage of touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, printer, and further accessories (only together with balancing software TDC 4.0)
  • Auswuchtmaschine Tool Dynamic - Touchscreen monitor
    Order no. 80.229.03
    TFT monitor with touchscreen
  • Tool Dynamic  - Specific weight function
    Specific weight function
    Order no. 80.209.00
    Enables specification of the specific weight of the rotor to be balanced, if different from stell
  • Tool Dynamic  - Drilling axial
    Drilling axial
    Order no. 80.213.01
    Enables balancing of rotors by axial drilling, e. g. for grinding wheels
  • Tool Dynamic  - Index balancing with free indexing angle
    Index balancing with free indexing angle
    Order no. 80.218.00
    Index balancing of rotors which can not be indexed 180° (e. g. Capto chucks)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Software for printout of report
    Software for printout of report
    Order no. 80.214.00
    Printout of a detailed measuring protocol (balancing certificate)
  • Tool Dynamic  - User account administration
    User account administration
    Order no. 80.245.12
    User administration with individual allocation of user rights
  • Tool Dynamic  - Forbidden areas
    Forbidden areas
    Order no. 80.245.09
    Defined areas that are not allowed for the compensation of the unbalance
  • Tool Dynamic  - Alternative compensation positions
    Alternative compensation positions
    Order no. 80.245.10
    Calculation of alternative positions, when proposed position not possible
  • Tool Dynamic  - Optimized measuring time
    Optimized measuring time
    Order no. 80.245.11
    Shortened measuring run, if measuring accuracy is sufficient
  • Tool Dynamic  - Safety hood type 3
    Safety hood type 3
    Order no. 80.232.01
    Safety hood for extra long toolholders with max. 700 mm length and max. 400 mm diam. (With second laser marking from top)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Safety hood type 4
    Safety hood type 4
    Order no. 80.232.02
    Safety hood for extra long toolholders with max. 700 mm length and max. 425 mm diam. (With second laser marking from top)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Software scale integration
    Software scale integration
    Order no. 80.207.12
    Automatic transfer of rotor weight from scale
  • Tool Dynamic  - Export measuring results
    Export measuring results
    Order no. 80.245.13
    Software to export measuring results
  • Tool Dynamic - Training
    Order no. 80.200.02
    Customised and related to practice training to enable the full potential of your Tool Dynamic balancing machine

Technical data

Dimensions [mm] 1100 x 1500 x 820
Weight [kg]450
Spindle speed [rpm]300 - 1100
Measuring accuracy [gmm]< 0,5
Power requirements [V/Hz]230 / 50 - 60
Power usage [kW]0.4
Compressed air [bar]6
Max. tool length [mm]400
Max. tool length (optional) [mm]700
Max. tool diameter [mm]380
Max. tool diameter (optional) [mm]425
Max. tool weight [kg]30
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