Balancing machine Tool Dynamic TD 800

Main features

  • Measuring and compensation of unbalance on 1 and 2 planes
  • Correction of the unbalance by radial drilling, milling, balancing rings or balancing screws
  • Comfortable handling via touchscreen
  • Base made polymer concrete for highest measuring accuracy

Tool Dynamic TD 800
Special Balancing Machines

Your solution for big rotors up to diam. 800 mm

Based on the proven Tool Dynamic balancing technology the Tool Dynamic TD 800 allows balancing big rotors of all kind. Bearing rings, grinding wheels and turbine wheels. With hand tailored clamping adapters you can balance your rotors as easy and quick as usual. The safety hood of the TD 800 is segmented and opens to the side. Thus the rotor is accessible from above and heavy parts can be handled by a crane.

Picture shows TD 800 with optional runout measuring device.

Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

Tool Dynamic TD 800 safety hood

Tool Dynamic TD 800 safety hood

The safety hood is segmented and opens to the siede. Thus the rotor is accessible from above. Heavy parts can be handeled by a crane.

Tool Dynamic control terminal with touchscreen

Tool Dynamic control terminal

  • High quality touchscreen with hardened glass surface for easiest control
  • Traditional input with keyboard and mouse possible
  • Drawer for balancing adapter and tools
  • Storing facility for printers
Tool Dynamic Software TDC 4.0

Tool Dynamic Software TDC 4.0

  • New intellignet balancing software
  • User interface completely made up of graphics
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Graphical help and assistant functions guides through all function processes
Tool Dynamic balancing adapter

HAIMER balancing adapter with automatic clamping

  • μm precise clamping for highest measuring accuracy and repeatability
  • Easy and quickest changing due to compact design. A re-calibration of the machine is not neccessary
  • Tool Dynamic  - Base made of polymer concrete
    Base made of polymer concrete
    Order no. -
    Highest measuring accuracy due to heavy base
  • Tool Dynamic  - User interface
    User interface
    Order no. -
    Integrated user interface for easy handling of the machine
  • Tool Dynamic  - Optical indexing help
    Optical indexing help
    Order no. -
    Indication of the exact spindle angle position on display
  • Tool Dynamic  - Laser marking
    Laser marking
    Order no. -
    Indicates the position of unbalance and correction with a laser
  • Tool Dynamic  - Print label
    Print label
    Order no. -
    Print balancing result on label
  • Tool Dynamic  - Drilling radial
    Drilling radial
    Order no. -
    Balancing by drilling radially
  • Tool Dynamic  - Software for compensation with balancing rings
    Software for compensation with balancing rings
    Order no. -
    Balancing by rings or other movable weights
  • Tool Dynamic  - Index balancing
    Index balancing
    Order no. -
    Compensation of measuring errors by index balancing (2 measuring runs, indexing angle 180°)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing with spindle compensation
    Balancing with spindle compensation
    Order no. -
    Quick and precise measuring of repetition parts (single measuring run)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing in 1 plane
    Balancing in 1 plane
    Order no. -
    Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 1 plane (static)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing in 2 planes
    Balancing in 2 planes
    Order no. 80.252.01
    Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 2 planes (dynamic unbalance)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Fixed components
    Fixed components
    Order no. 80.202.00
    Enables balancing at predefined positions, e. g. with balancing screws
  • Tool Dynamic  - Automatic indexing
    Automatic indexing
    Order no. 80.217.00
    Turn the spindle on the selected angle position and simplifies exact positioning of spindle
  • Tool Dynamic  - Rack for accessories
    Rack for accessories
    Order no. 80.277.00
    Storage rack with two integrated drawers for balancing adapters and further accessories
  • Tool Dynamic  - Milling program
    Milling program
    Order no. 80.212.00
    Milling program allows correction of unbalance via milling
  • Tool Dynamic  - Balancing software TDC 4.0
    Balancing software TDC 4.0
    Order no. 80.245.06
    New software with user-friendly graphical interface and touchscreen-control
  • Tool Dynamic  - Control terminal incl. touchscreen
    Control terminal incl. touchscreen
    Order no. 80.233.00
    Console for storage of touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, printer, and further accessories (only together with balancing software TDC 4.0)
  • Auswuchtmaschine Tool Dynamic - Touchscreen monitor
    Order no. 80.229.03
    TFT monitor with touchscreen
  • Tool Dynamic  - 2nd Laser (from top)
    2nd Laser (from top)
    Order no. 80.211.03
    Second laser for laser marking from top
  • Tool Dynamic  - Languages for user interface for internal display
    Order no. -
    Languages for user interface for internal display
Equipment options
  • Tool Dynamic  - Specific weight function
    Specific weight function
    Order no. 80.209.00
    Enables specification of the specific weight of the rotor to be balanced, if different from stell
  • Tool Dynamic  - Drilling axial
    Drilling axial
    Order no. 80.213.01
    Enables balancing of rotors by axial drilling, e. g. for grinding wheels
  • Tool Dynamic  - Index balancing with free indexing angle
    Index balancing with free indexing angle
    Order no. 80.218.00
    Index balancing of rotors which can not be indexed 180° (e. g. Capto chucks)
  • Tool Dynamic  - Software for printout of report
    Software for printout of report
    Order no. 80.214.00
    Printout of a detailed measuring protocol (balancing certificate)
  • Tool Dynamic  - User account administration
    User account administration
    Order no. 80.245.12
    User administration with individual allocation of user rights
  • Tool Dynamic  - Forbidden areas
    Forbidden areas
    Order no. 80.245.09
    Defined areas that are not allowed for the compensation of the unbalance
  • Tool Dynamic  - Alternative compensation positions
    Alternative compensation positions
    Order no. 80.245.10
    Calculation of alternative positions, when proposed position not possible
  • Tool Dynamic  - Optimized measuring time
    Optimized measuring time
    Order no. 80.245.11
    Shortened measuring run, if measuring accuracy is sufficient
  • Tool Dynamic  - Software scale integration
    Software scale integration
    Order no. 80.207.12
    Automatic transfer of rotor weight from scale
  • Tool Dynamic  - Export measuring results
    Export measuring results
    Order no. 80.245.13
    Software to export measuring results
  • Tool Dynamic - Training
    Order no. 80.200.02
    Customised and related to practice training to enable the full potential of your Tool Dynamic balancing machine

Technical data

Dimensions [mm] 1500 x 1910 x 900
Weight [kg]550
Spindle speed [rpm]100 - 600
Measuring accuracy [gmm]< 1,0
Power requirements [V/Hz]230 / 50 - 60
Power usage [kW]1,0
Compressed air [bar]5-6
Air comsumption [l/h]30
Max. tool length [mm]750
Max. tool diameter [mm]800
Max. tool weight [kg]110
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