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21-Jun 2016: HAIMER USA Cuts Ribbon on New North American Headquarters

Ribbon cutting ceremony of the new 25,000 square foot Haimer USA North American headquarters

Located in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park, HAIMER’s new headquarters is designed and built to help facilitate the company’s growth in the North American marketplace. It features state-of-the-art training facilities able to accommodate up to fifty people. The expanded showroom includes a CNC machining center for demo cuts, shrink fit and balancing machines under power, and HAIMER’s complete range of tool holding solutions on display. Both the training facilities and showroom are wired with HD cameras for live and web-based presentations.

From their new facility, HAIMER will also be providing balance inspection, precision balancing, and data chipping services for tool holders from HAIMER or any other manufacturer. Future service offerings will include end mill regrinding as well as Safe-Lock groove modifications.

On hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony were Franz Haimer (CEO HAIMER GmbH), Claudia Haimer (CEO HAIMER GmbH), Andreas Haimer (President of HAIMER GmbH), Franz Josef Haimer (Manager Special Projects, HAIMER GmbH), Kathrin Haimer (Head of HR, HAIMER GmbH), Brendt Holden (President of HAIMER USA), and Mark Tomkins (President and CEO the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc.), as well as representatives from major machine tool builders, cutting tool companies, HAIMER distributors, and other manufacturers.

“Our new North American headquarters gives us the opportunity to better showcase our technology and service our customers,” said Mr. Holden.  “As the North American metal cutting industry gravitates towards higher precision to reduce their machining times and stay globally competitive, we are now better positioned than ever to assist our customers and partners in that effort.”

HAIMER USA had a variety of presentations and activities planned exclusively for their guests, including live machining demos, daily presentations and keynote speakers. Presentations focused on industry best practices, and how HAIMER products reinforce these superior methodologies.

HAIMER welcomed Keynote Speakers from companies such as Hermle Machine Co., Applied Engineering and Precise Mold & Plate. Guest Speakers presented relevant topics from the manufacturing industry including the advantages of 5-axis machining, cost savings for aluminum aerospace components and the Mold and Die business in 2016.

Keynote speaker Brad Bohnet, Materials Manager at Applied Engineering, had a particularly impressive machine shop story to share at the open house. Applied Engineering was facing frequent tool changes from chipped and broken tools and large volumes of scrap when they decided that something had to change.

On his journey to optimize Applied Engineering’s machining processes, Bohnet was once offered the advice “If (you) control the inputs to the machines, (you) can control the outputs.” Bohnet installed a RoboCrib to more effectively track and lock down tooling, which allowed him to isolate and tackle his issues head on.

While using a HAIMER Tool Dynamic balancing machine and shrink fit technology were not the only solutions Bohnet put into place, they played a key role in controlling the inputs. “Shrink fit and balancing reduced variables and stabilized tool life. Having established data that confirmed a stable tool life history allowed us to move forward in implementing new cutting tool technology,” stated Bohnet. The results were astonishing.

Introducing shrink fit and balancing in 2013 led to a 64% decrease in tool changes and 2-3 times increased tool life on average to date. Between May 2012, when Bohnet began controlling his inputs, and today, Applied Engineering reduced scrap by 50% and tool changes by 60%. This in turn showed a 62% decrease in tooling cost and 12% increase machining hours.

Bohnet showed open house guests how it really pays to track data, lock down the tooling crib and focus on quality vs. costs. Ultimately, this winning formula continues to yield higher accuracy and metal removal rates while reducing overall costs from Applied Engineering’s bottom line.

HAIMER’s Mini Series Presentations and Live Machining demos also reinforced this message that machining inputs can significantly influence outputs, sometimes in ways that are not initially apparent. Featured presentations informed guests of the key principles behind HAIMER’s core product categories: tool holders, balance, end mills and tool security (Safe-λock®).

For more information on HAIMER USA or any of their products, please visit or call 630-833-1500.




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