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28-Sep 2018: AMB 2018 Review: Tool Management - Connected to the future

At AMB, HAIMER showed in six stations how the HAIMER Tool & Data Management can be implemented. The HAIMER Data Analyzer & Controller (DAC) takes on a key role.

With the slogan “HAIMER i4.0 – Connected to the future“ the HAIMER Group demonstrated at AMB 2018 how medium-sized companies can set up their tool management for the future. Where digitization plays a key role and runs through the entire product program, ranging from tool holders, tool presetters, shrinking and balancing technology to solid carbide end mills and sensors.

The HAIMER Group, world market leader in tool shrinking and balancing technology, has recently become a system provider for the entire tool management process. Therefore, the company did not only use its two-story booth at AMB to present the latest products in cutting tools, tool holders, shrinking, balancing and presetting devices, but also to introduce the HAIMER Tool & Data Management system. This solution is particularly suitable for medium-sized companies, where large, complex tool management systems would be too demanding and expensive.

In six stations, HAIMER demonstrated live how the HAIMER Tool & Data Management system can be implemented:
Imitating the workshop processes the first station shows how a generated job for a complete tool assembly gets transferred from the CAD / CAM system to the tool management and vending system.
Here, the needed components (tool holder, cutting tool, etc.) get commissioned and, by means of a job-instruction, assembled to a complete tool assembly on a HAIMER Power Clamp i4.0. Once the complete tool assembly has been created, the job is sent to the Microset VIO linear presetter and the TD Comfort Plus i4.0 balancing machine, where tool measurement and balancing can take place.
Finally, the actual tool values are transmitted to the machine tool control via the central interface all hardware components communicate with – the HAIMER DAC (Data Analyzer & Controller).


Tool-Management-Solutions for medium-sized companies

At the center of this process chain is the HAIMER DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller), a software solution that enables and manages the exchange of target and actual values and other tool data between the individual stations and the corporate network.
The DAC enables a one-to-one identification of the tool using a RFID data chip, which HAIMER tool holders can optionally be equipped with, or alternatively a QR or Data Matrix code, which can be read by scanners and evaluated by several systems.
Through the network connection, the DAC also provides additional tool data: assembly instruction, part numbers, stock adjustment, and 3-D models. In addition, it supports the user in the analysis of production data and process optimization. Another software, the HAIMER Smart Tool Data Exchange 4.0, processes all relevant tool data so that they can be transferred to common external software solutions.


Network-compatible shrinking, balancing and presetting devices

In order to install such a digital tool management system, the shrinking, balancing and presetting devices have to be network compatible - a requirement that all new HAIMER machines fulfill, as it was demonstrated at AMB. Not only can they communicate with the tools or their RFID chips, but they can also exchange important data bi-directionally with external management systems in the customer’s network or via the cloud.
In addition, the shrink fit devices of the new HAIMER Power Clamp i4.0 series have a new, intuitive software that makes the operation easier, as well as a workshop-ready 7" touch display that can even be operated with thin work gloves. On request, the Power Clamp i4.0 devices can be equipped with a scanner that reads shrinking parameters of data matrix codes. This makes automated shrinking very simple.


New cutting tools and tool holders

In addition to digital enhancements, HAIMER presented a multitude of useful novelties in the field of metal cutting in the booth. Along with high-performance products for tool holding in the CNC milling machine, HAIMER now also offers clamping options for turning machines. The new shrink fit collets are available in ER 16 and ER 25 and they are compatible with all common clamping nuts. They can also be used with driven tool holders. The optional Cool Jet slots ensure even more process reliability and maximum cooling.
Regarding HAIMER endmills, there were also many novelties to discover at AMB, altogether more than 20 new geometries. In the field of Duo-Lock™ - the modular tool interface for highest demands - the range has been extended by new geometries as well as special combinations (including solid carbide and heavy metal extensions) for die & mold. They are perfectly suitable for all conventional ER collet chucks for milling and they can also be used with driven tool holders and rotary transfer machines.


Tool Room Solutions and Service Offers

The complete system program for tool management also includes so called tool room solutions. As an example, HAIMER showed at the booth how such a functionally and ergonomically designed workplace can look.
Even though all HAIMER products stand for highest quality, the machines in particular require a certain care and maintenance. In order to guarantee maximum process reliability, accuracy and performance in the long term, HAIMER developed a new service concept consisting of three packages (Single, Premium and Quality Wins maintenance) which was presented at AMB for the first time.

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