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03-Aug 2021: HAIMER at EMO 2021: Automation in the tool room

At EMO 2021 in Milan (Hall 4, Booth C20), the HAIMER Group will demonstrate how modern tool management works: with high-quality, process-safe components, continuous digitization up to completely automated tool presetting, and secure transmission of digital tool data all the way to the machine.

The HAIMER Group, world market leader for tool shrinking and balancing technology, succeeded in establishing itself as a system provider for complete tool management and is leading the way into the future with large steps. The basis is the high-quality product range, which extends from a wide variety of tool holders, shrinking and balancing technology, tool presetting devices to carbide tools and measuring sensors.

Based on these technologies, HAIMER tool room solutions combine all these components with functional, ergonomic workplace design. Finally, the tool management system DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller) developed by HAIMER enables a continuous exchange of tool data between the individual tool room stations and the company network.

Identification of HAIMER tool holders either by integrated RFID data chips or via QR or Data Matrix codes (which can be read and evaluated by various systems via a scanner) takes on a key function in this context. This allows users to clearly identify the entire tool. The user controls the entire process only by clicking and confirming or accepting values, which allows users to easily identify the entire tool. Since no manual input is required or even possible, there is also no risk of incorrect input and no risk of collisions.

New developments in HAIMER MILL end mills and tool holders

For this overarching concept, HAIMER will present numerous product innovations and improvements in the 190 square meter exhibition stand, which can be ideally integrated into automated tool management. These product innovations range from new carbide end mills and tool holders to high-end presetting devices that combine HAIMER’s shrinking and measuring technology.

A few details: The HAIMER MILL carbide end mills are now available in long and short versions. In addition, the HAIMER MILL HF series provides a new geometry for high feed milling operations. 

New, extra slim shrink fit chucks and mini shrink chucks with SK40 and SK50 interface have been added to the well-known HAIMER tool holder range. As for all other shrink fit chucks, the well-known HAIMER quality with its fine-machined functional surfaces also applies for these chucks. The tool holders are fine balanced and with a runout of G2.5 at 25,000 1/min.

Also new: HAIMER now offers all steep taper chucks with face contact, which provide higher stability due to additional support at the flange face. Already available in stock are shrink fit chucks and power collet or high precision collet chucks with face contact for the BT30, BT40 and BT50 interfaces.

Equipped for digital data transfer

All HAIMER shrink fit, balancing and tool presetting machines are now available in i4.0 versions - from entry-level to high-end. Of course, this also applies to the new machines in the program, such as the Power Clamp Nano NG i4.0. The horizontal shrink fit device is particularly suitable for small tool holders in high frequency spindles, shrink fit collets and shrink fit chucks up to SK40/HSK-A63. 

Gentle and clean, contour-independent cooling of all tool holders by air - without dirt and water residues - is promised by the new high-performance shrink fit unit Power Clamp Air i4.0, which has integrated cooling for all types of tools (HM and HSS). It is available in Eco and Comfort versions and is particularly suitable for process-safe shrinking and cooling of shrink collets and tool holders.  

The new Tool Dynamic TD Comfort Plus i4.0 balancing machine offers maximum user-friendliness and convenience. One highlight - in addition to network compatibility (i4.0 ready) and the possibility of digital data transfer to the machine tool - is the 27" multi-touchscreen operation via a separate control terminal.

The combination of shrinking and presetting technology, as offered by the HAIMER Microset VIO linear toolshrink, is particularly efficient and process-reliable. This device in its class scores highly with high-precision axis positioning thanks to the linear drive, with the fully automatic HAIMER induction unit and an automatic length adjustment of +- 10 µm. Especially when using shrink tools, sister tools or when using multi-spindle machines, this high-end model demonstrates its high productivity.

You will find the HAIMER booth at EMO 2021 in hall 4, C20

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