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Environmental protection is part of our corporate philosophy

With 100% green electricity, self-produced solar energy, e-mobility and certified energy management, we are committed to sustainable energy management.

Haimer GmbH headquarters in Igenhausen (Hollenbach)

Haimer GmbH has always combined economic, social and ecological goals. Environmental protection is therefore an important part of our corporate philosophy and is pursued at all levels and by all employees. The responsible use of resources, the protection of the climate and the maximum reduction of waste and emissions should help to leave behind an intact environment for future generations.

Green electricity and infrastructure of the future

HAIMER has an energy concept for more sustainability

HAIMER produces exclusively in Germany with over 120 CNC machine centers, all of which require a high amount of energy. As an industrial company willing to do its part to be climate-neutral, we have switched our electricity supply to 100% green electricity. E-mobility is also part of our strategy  for more sustainability. New company vehicles are preferably purchased as hybrid models. The required e-infrastructure with charging stations for e-cars is developing. 

Solar energy on the factory roof

Photovoltaic system on HAIMER factory roof

The HAIMER company covers part of its demand for energy by generating its own eco-electricity. At the production site in Motzenhofen, we have installed a photovoltaic system on an area of almost 1,000 square meters.

On the roof of the factory hall at the production site, 542 solar modules generate 153,000 kWh of electricity annually. This equates to aproximately the same amount of electricity needed for 45 households with three people. In addition, 52 tons of CO2 are saved annually (approx. 4,940 trees planted within one year). 92% of the generated energy flows directly into the power supply of the machine shop on the premises, with 80 CNC machines. Any surpluses that arise, for example on Sundays or public holidays, are fed into the grid. 

Certified energy management

In order to increase energy efficiency through a process continuously improving, we have committed ourselves to the introduction of an energy management system in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 50001. To achieve our strategic and operational energy goals, we rely on the implementation of an intelligent energy concept that currently includes the following measures:

  • Use of waste heat from machines and cooling units, as well as effective cooling through ambient cooling
  • Modern, energy-efficient machinery 
  • Energy-saving IT infrastructure with "Green IT" seal 
  • Optimization of in-house transports and introduction of returnable packaging to conserve resources 
  • Gradual conversion of the lighting to LED technology

In order to further increase our energy efficiency and to be able to manufacture our products in an even more resource-saving manner, we are working on the continuous improvement of our energy-saving concept. Because the best energy is the one not needed!

See below our certificate with the energy management certification according to ISO 50001:

  • HAIMER DIN ISO 50001:2018

    PDF // 167 K
  • Green electricity certificate 2021

    Green electricity certificate 2021 by EON Germany

    PDF // 333 K
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