Accessories for tool holders.

Bolt, torque wrench, collet,...

In line with the tool holder range, HAIMER offers a broad range of holder accessories from its own manufacturing.

  • Shrinking extentions
  • Reduction sleeves
  • Collets ER & Power Collet
  • Locknuts for collet chucks
  • Wrenches and torque wrenches
  • Tool assembly devices
  • HG collets and HG cone wiper
  • Pull studs
  • Sawblade holders
  • HG Mini extentions
  • Balancing rings
  • Balancing screws
  • Shrink fit brush
  • Coolant tube
  • Cone wiper
  • Back up screws
  • Tention springs for shrink fit chucks
  • Clamping screws
  • Accessories for Face Mill, Combination Shell
  • Quick Change Inserts Type FH
  • Conversion KIT DIN 2080-DIN 69871

Here you can download the complete range for accessories for tool holders as a PDF:

  • Accessories

    Shrinking extentions, reduction sleeves, collets,...

    PDF // 4.5 M
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